Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2 Of my 2010 Brides published in Winter/Spring 2011 Washingtonian Bride & Groom Issue!

I am just thrilled that 2 of  my lovely 2010 's Brides and their Husbands /weddings are published in the spring/winter 2011 issue out on stands now of the Washingtonians Bride & Groom Magazine!

Here is Meredith & Kelly's Sept 3rd 2010 wedding photographed by the the talented Photographer Kristen Gardner, at one of my very favorite venues, Stone Manor in Middletown Md.

Hillary & Jodi's DC Wedding June 2010-Gorgeous couple!!!!
Photographed By Kate Headley

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fitness Photo Shoot!

Well winter is upon us and the wedding season has slowed down for me, In the meantime I love to keep the creative wheels churning. Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a fitness photo shoot with Photographer Brian Landis and Pro Fitness model Jessica Boughers.

The shoot was fitness as well as Boudoir oriented for a submission to magazine American Curves.
Last year the three of us collaborated and this resulted in a gorgeous 9 page pictorial. So, we are super excited to see which issue we end up in this year! You can be I will keep you posted!

These photos are a wonderful inspiration for those of you who want to start working out or for those of you who are..the results are sweet!

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Groom's Influence On The Bridal Makeup

                                            Photo Courtesy of Abby Jiu

Have you ever noticed how many times you were getting ready for a night out on the town, or just for a simple lunch and shopping with your main squeeze, to step out into your living room, waiting for the ooohhs and ahhhhhs just to get dissapointed with a response like, "I like you best without makeup". "Why the bright lipstick?"  "Are those your lashes?"

Have no fear! You are not alone! Its true that most men really do love a more natural approach to makeup and honestly even hair styles. In doing plenty of research and just living through this myself as a makeup artist, Most brides I meet with def have a concern that the groom will be dissapointed if she has too much makeup on, or doesnt look like what he is used to.

I respect this... Whats important to know is this. As the big day planning continues and you write out those checks to vendors, one of the larger checks will more than likely be to your fabulous photographer, whos work you so admire and are counting on to capture all of the important moments... the walk down the aisle, the kiss, the natural light photos to the dim lighted reception.. You get the picture! :)

If you do indeed want to actually feel comfortable staring at that  wedding portrait on the wall without feeling oh so dissapointed that you are washed out... look like you have no makeup at all on... or just look dull, your dress may be divine.. the flowers colorful.. the hair style could be a fancy updo... But, please remember your makeup must rise up to the occassion!!!!! You cannot justify wearing your friday night out to the movie makeup.. which probably consists of mineral powder makeup, a little mascara and your fav lipgloss and a touch of bronzer. Come on.. I know your smiling now :)

But, the truth about that makeup is this. that mineral makeup you love so much that takes all of 5 min to apply, will make you look like a disco ball with the flash..due to all of the crystals.minerals that reflect.
The gloss, even tho its your fav, may not show up since its maybe a nude shade :) Am I right?
Thr bronzer gives a bit of warmth, but with no blush on the apples, its just not enough in a white gown.
The mascara does not give your lashes that curl, that length and thickness that really makes you eyes pop only the way you dreamed.

Let your honey chose your next new car.. or name your first born.. But please ladies.. Just because he loves you with your natural look, doesnt mean sacraficing your wedding photographs.videos. ect.
Be kind to yourself, and trust me ,,he will see how it all comes together on your wedding day! he won't complain one bit!

Its your one day to shine! The most photographed day of your life!

visit http://www.lorianansi.com/  to book your bridal makeup artist today!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Gorgeous Holliday Makeup

I was inspired by this photograph and the perfectness of the makeup application.Yes the face is gorgeous to begin with ...but Mario did a beautiful job in chosing the colors/contouring ect... I think its actually the perfect look for one of those Holliday parties that you just simply want to "wow them"! I also think this could be a very gorgeous look for a winter bride, example NYE wedding. Especially the silver accents against the white give that winter wonderland/Holliday look.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


What a difference a set of falsies can make! When I say falsies , I am referring to false lashes!

They are a dream come true for those of us who are not blessed with long luscious lashes, and a way to turn up the volume for some of us who need more volume or curl. As a bridal makeup artist, I have seen brides and their bridal parties transform after falsies are applied.

I personally prefer the strip lashes opposed to the individuals, but offer both.

One of the most important parts of a good set of falsies , is ofcourse the application of them.

Not every client of mine has been able to withstand the eyelash application proccess , due to eye sensitivity, nerves , contacts or the idea of having a lash in their line of vision makes them feel uneasy. So this is not ideal for everyone. But worth a try!

This requires a steady hand on the makeup artist's part and  the right type of adhesive, something waterproof and a surgical type of adhesive that is safe and not painful when going to remove lashes. Last but not least. the ever so patient bride or client who can remain still and hold her eyelids in place for a good 10 min to let the lashes set properly..otherwise drum roll....  Because if not...
Lifting may occur or a shifting of the lashes to the wrong area , causing glue to stick in places on the eyelid  ect. The proccess of removing excess glue or resetting a lash can take more time and every makeup artist can agree that occassionaly you come across a lash that is truly a "lemon" and requires a replacement.

The impact lashes have in photographs is tremendous especially for those profile shots. Very glam and for aging women, takes 10 years off, a much more youthful look.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pin Up Makeup

Pin-up Girl Make-up Tips

Pin-up fashion is a classic vintage fashion style which exudes femininity and style. Since vintage styles have been making a huge comeback ! Alot of brides are taking this look or a slightly milder verison to the alter.
It makes for breathtaking photographs and  gives a very timeless look.

Note, one thing you need to know is that the lip color usually is a shade of red, be it bright or darker..sometimes a pink works as well.. these colors require touch ups throughout the entire wedding and or event, so make sure you have your lip shade.. a good prep tip to clean up any discoloration from your lip so you have a clean palette, conceal your lip well, use a good liner that is very close to the same shade as the lipstick. Blot with a bit of translucent powder around the edges of the lip to help prevent bleeding,,
In my mua opinion, avoid applying a gloss and keep it matte! This will also give that old fashioned look and help keep the lip color on longer.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Finding The Perfect Bridal Makeup Artist

Hey to all of the lovely brides to be out there!

Here is a helpful guide to finding the perfect makeup artist for your big day!


Selecting a Makeup Artist for your wedding day may be like finding a new hairstylist. Think back to the last time you needed to find a new stylist. How did you go about looking for the right person? I usually look for people that have beautiful hair and ask them where they got it done. Finding a Makeup Artist to suit your style may require a similar tactic. However, narrowing in on the right person will involve some research, as well as some trust.

Your wedding day makeup is critical for being camera ready for your photographs. It’s easy to overlook or assume that your “everyday makeup” applied a little heavier will do the trick. It’s important to hire a Makeup Artist that specializes in bridal makeup, and that has been trained in how to create a long-lasting application that will look not only amazing in person, but on film.

As you begin your search, start with your married friends and ask them who did their makeup for their wedding. Look at their wedding album and take note of how their makeup looked throughout the day and in different lighting situations. Did the makeup look just as good before the ceremony as it did in the last frame? Talk to your photographer about what kind of look you want for your wedding pictures and ask them for a recommendation. Your photographer will be able to give you a professional opinion about someone in the industry that they may have already worked with. Use you local resources to research professional Makeup Artists in your area. These include bridal magazines, bridal websites or bridal expos.

Once you have found an artist that you think you would like to use, get a sense of the their credentials before you meet with them in person for a consultation. Ask to see their portfolio and see if their makeup style matches your own. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get a sense of the artist’s personality. You will want to work with someone that is interested in creating a makeup that works with your comfort level, and will offer professional advice and tips. If you feel that you have found a good match, schedule your pre-wedding consultation, often times called a “trial run,” and be prepared to pay for their time. In order to make the most of your trial run, come prepared with tear-sheets or photographs of makeup that you like. This will give your artist a sense of direction in creating your look.

When you have agreed on the makeup application and decide that you would like to schedule the artist for your wedding day, negotiate the price for you and your attendants and sign a contract. Just like any other vendor that you hire for your wedding, put all of the terms of your agreement in writing and pay a deposit. Be sure to include details in your contract such as your timeline, when the makeup artist should arrive on your wedding day to set-up, when they will start makeup, a schedule of each person receiving makeup and when the makeup applications will all be complete. Be sure to schedule everything accordingly with your hair stylist so that the hair and makeup runs smoothly and effortlessly and once all is complete, all you will have to do is put on your dress!

Friday, October 1, 2010

One Of My Fav Brides!

Here is a photograph or two of my September 11, 2010 Bride Jackie, who was married at my all time fav venue, Stone Manor Country Club In Middletown,MD.

Photographs taken by the very talented and sweet Liz Hough.
You can find links to both Stone Manor and Liz Hough on my website page titled "talented friends".

Happy Fall !

Happy fall!

I can hardly believe how quickly the summer has flown right by!
October is a very busy wedding month this year and I have an abundance of brides to be that I will have the privledge of providing makeup services for in MD/DC and Northern Va.

Life has been good and my almost 2 year old twins( bday next month) are busy busy these days and hard to keep up with! But its a wonderful balance, motherhood and being a makeup artist.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Melissa & Ru

Check out  Recent Bride Melissa & and her Groom Ru  on 9/4/10 in DC

I had a wonderful time providing makeup services for Melissa and her Mother as well as Mother in law.

Devon Baltimore/updospecialist out of Manasass VA, provided wonderful hair styles as well.

Photography provided by Egomedia photography


On Looking Flawless

It’s a long walk down that aisle.... for a moment, time seems to stop. All eyes on you, it’s your time to be Flawless. Leave this most important detail to true experts

Monday, September 20, 2010

51 Reviews And Counting!


I am so excited that I reached 50 reviews on my weddingwire listing this weekend! My goal was to reach 40 my summers end.. But I got over 50!!!!
And I want to thank all of the brides who took time out of their busy lives to write these reviews!!! I would say 3 out of 5 brides write the reviews nd send them in, which I am grateful for!

Why are the reviews so important? They help me to learn what meant the most to each bride, were you happy? Did I enhance your wedding day? Did your makeup hold up? Was I puntual? And also, if there was something I could improve on ofcourse I would love to hear. Ofcourse I would be dishonest If I said, I would prefer that part in an email instead LOL.

So, Now I started my listing on the Knot and I am working out inviting brides to send reviews there as well, so brides to be can hear about others experiences with me as their makeup artist.

Summer of 2010 was awesome!!! Much love and best wishes to all of my brides and thanks so much for chosing me as your bridal makeup artist!!!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Important Is Having A Pro Makeup Artist On Your Wedding Day?

Photography Courtesy of EyeWonder Photogrpahy
Makeup Artistry By Lori Nansi

Hello to all the brides to be and congrats!
Now, this post is not intended to seem as though I am justifying hiring myself or any other makeup artist, I just want to be helpful and make some valid points, and well..food for thought :)
Ok, so the question is,,,just how important is it to hire a pro makeup artist for your wedding day?
Answer? Its MAJOR!.... weddings from small intimate affairs to those that are on a larger scale, there is one thing all weddings have in common and that is the focus, which is ..drum roll..... the bride!!!!
And when I say the bride, I am referring to the way she looks! from the gown to the hairstyle, shoes, jewls. And finally yes.. One very important factor that is too often been ignored by brides which is unfortunate. Sometimes this very important responsbility is left up to someone like "cousin Jane" who worked at the local makeup counter for a dept store for a year and insists she can work her magic for free.

Now, while this saves money , the end result may not be what you had in mind,YIKES! And, ask yourself...How will "Cousin Jane" take it when you try to let her down or give her direction? Never a good idea to mix business with pleasure with family or friends on your wedding day needs, or have them volunteer to act as wedding vendors, this has the potential to ruffle feathers or even a train wreck.

Not to mention the fact that she or he may not have the appropriate products or range of colors needed for all who desire services. I highly doubt they will go out and splurge on a kit for your wedding day, since this is a one time deal. Are you ready to purchase hundreds of dollars in makeup and brushes ect?

One of the first things that comes to mind is, how will your makeup look in yours photographs!? You had no doubt taken the time to find the perfect photographer to capture all of your special moments throughout the entire day from the getting ready portion ,to the last dance. So, wouldn't it make sense that you look amazing in those photographs?

Also, may I kindly point out that its important to include your bridal party in makeup services if possible so that the women surrounding you look amazing as well, feel confident and enjoy being pampered along with you! Its a great gift as well! You can let everyone know in advance that your gift to them is makeup services on the big day! some may not be able to afford this, or may already be spending on the dres ect or even the hair stylist,so in the end you get the benefits of everyone looking wonderful in your wedding photographs!

A makeup artist, a good one that is, will know what products to use,what the latest trends are, how to use these products and applications. They will have an up to date portfolio showing their work as well as setting up a trial run/consult with you, so they can work their magic and show you their customer service style,expertise, and take any special requests, comments ect you may have, and guess what? They normally won't mind because this is what they do for a living! They should love what they do and let it show! And a good makeup artist will want your input.
Your the only one who can honestly say, I like this but I would like to change this, after all, your makeup should be customized to fit your needs and desires.

This is the one day you will be photographed the most, this is the one day you will wear the most amazing gown you have ever worn, your queen for the day, why leave your makeup to chance? Factor makeup into your budget.

Sometimes, you may have a few makeup trials in order to find the right makeup artist for you. Do you like the artists work? How about personality? How are communications, quick replies to emails and or phone calls? If not.. huge red flag!!!
Do you click? Yes ,you heard me, do you click? You do want to get along well with the person you have trusted your face to on your wedding day, it will be all the more enjoyable if you do and quite relaxing! Something you will really look forward to, as will your bridal party!

Pricing.... Ok so there are new artist's out there or a few that are experiencing slow business, therefore the trial run may be free of charge or even applied to your wedding day balance if you book. But, this is not a good reason to go with them, you need to love the look, get along great with them and feel they are the one for you! And there is the old saying.. "You get what you pay for" smile :) Your makeup artist can set the tone for your day, and should enhance your occassion.

Normally, the trial run cost money, the artist is investing their time, products, and sometimes even traveling to you. They value their time , as they should, and guess what? they value your time as well, so they will be punctual and will make the most of the time with you.If they are seasoned vet they do this on the regular. Important to know, that if you do not book, they know someone will, if there artistry is that good,So there wont be any sales pressure. The makeup Artist's bed side manner so to speak, and their products are awesome, up to date and they educate you while applying the makeup. These are some true signs of a pro.
They may also offer to take photos for you with your camera and know exactly what angles and lighting flatter you most. If you make suggestions, they will listen, and if they feel this is not in your best interest they will kindly tell you why...Important trait in a makeup artist.

So,when your wedding day arrives, feel confident! invest in yourself! If there is one day in your life you should and deserve to, its your wedding day!

Your beautiful face ,is what the groom looks at while the vow exchange takes place and your face is in almost every single photograph...Please don't allow yourself to be washed out or anyone else in your bridal party! Avoid having to feel badly while looking at your wedding photos over the years to come. Love your gown! your hair! and think,,,what was I thinking? Why did't I invest in a pro bridal makeup artist?

So..now tell me, How important is a having a bridal makeup artist to you now?

I wish you well on your personal journey in finding the perfect makeup artist for your wedding day!!!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Photographer Abby Jiu! Def one to watch!

I just had to share a link to Photographer extraordiare Abby Jiu's website!
She rocks! I had the opportunity to work with her together on couple Lauren & Rob's wedding last month! check out her blog to see some of the photos!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some Of My Fav Makeup Looks

These are def some of my fav faces and some of yours as well I am sure, celeb makeup artists have done wonderful applications on all three of these beautiful faces.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Celebrity Beauty

Ok so I am guilty of keeping tabs on the celebrity makeup styles and looks.. Here are a few of my recent favorites!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

True Beauty

Dear beauties!

As the summer's end is fast approaching, I wanted to take a minute to remind myself and all of you of one of our most classic beauties,Marilyn Monroe..she embraced her curves, the wave in her hair and red lipstick! Wouldn't it be great to go back to that era?



Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vintage Bridal Makeup

A recent bride inspired me to write on vintage bridal makeup.
This is an amazing and very glamourous look that is sure to take your Grooms breath away!
Dramatic eyes with the liner on the top lid being a key feature,Eye shadow are several light shades consisting of beige/tan shades with a nice coco brown in the crease to give definition. Full lashes are a must and false lashes with very defined brows bring the look full circle, flawless skin with a very soft romantic girlie pink blush, contouring the hollows of the cheeks with a matte bronzer,

The lipshade should be vibrant, red matte lips( no gloss) for a true vintage feel or you could go with the right pink shade.

And oohhhh la la.. you have the look!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Should You Use Airbrush Makeup On Your Wedding Day?

Bride To Be Sera
Photograhy By Ken Pak Of Visualsketch Studios
Makeup Artistry By Lori Nansi

There seems to be a lot of talk about airbrush make up and if you browse through any brides forum it's a subject that is cropping up more and more. So, what is airbrush make up and what's so special about it? Why should YOU seriously consider it for your wedding day?

Well, it's a make up technique that's actually been around for about 10 years but has been principally used in the film and television industry. It really is sprayed onto your face ( or your entire body, if that's what you want) and gives a perfect finish. It can cover pretty much anything, from tattoos, port wine stains, spider veins, acne scars, freckles and fine lines. In fact, it's the only make up that can stand up to the intense and cruel spotlight of High Definition Television and that's why the industry uses it.

It's a bit like spraying an extremely fine layer of plastic on. Except, it's not plastic. It's normal make up, mixed with water, or silicone fluid. During the process it should feel like a cool, light breeze against your skin - not a gale force blast of air. If it's done properly it can be a wonderful, incredibly relaxing experience. There are number of benefits as well:

•It's hygienic - no sponges or powder puffs are used
•It's twice as fast to apply, compared to normal make-up, and it lasts up to 16 hours, with almost no need to apply touch ups
•It's lightweight and gives a natural, flawless look
•It doesn't rub off or transfer

Things to be aware of

•Book a trial session with the artist (preferably one that specialises in the technique) a few weeks prior to your wedding day and see how you like it and how good they are.

•The make up should not be a thick layer that clogs up your face - if this is the result you get at your practice session, then don't use that artist again because they simply do not know what they are doing.
•Some make up artists may use alcohol in their spray mixture - while this provides increased resistance to sweat, it's not always suitable for sensitive skins. Discuss this with the artist.
•To avoid a disaster, your best bet is to go with a professional Bridal/Wedding Makeup Artist or hire someone who comes highly recommended.

While it can be used to apply blush, and even eye colour, many artists prefer to use it to achieve a smooth foundation and then go on to apply the rest of your make up with brushes. The good old-fashioned method, if you like.

It's not a cheap process and prices vary quite a lot, from about $180 to $300 for a session. Is it worth it? Well yes, definitely, if perfection is what you're after.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Reviews of Drug Store Cosmetics

Photography By Hymon Smith
Bride-Maggie 6/15/10

Here are some reviews from drugstore cosmetic brands I have tried out, thought I would share with all of you, maybe next time you are in need of something this will help narrow it down .

Hands down my very favorite drug store brand. Revlon keeps up on the latest cosmetic trends, from colors to textures to the latest products made for dept stores.
They are on the pricey side for drug store cosmetics, but with good reason and if you watch your newspaper ads for your local cvs/walgreen alot of times they will have buy one get one frees on lipshades ect.

1.Primer- similar to smashbox but alot less expensive and easy access.A little goes a long way! So be mindful of that.

2.*NEW*Grow Luscious Mascara by fabulash- your lashes really do grow!!! But be careful smudges easily, not waterproof for obvious reasons, waterproof ingredients tend to dry out the lashes.

3.colorstay for the brows! Love this! stays put up to 16 hours...one end of the pencil is a tint/wax built it, the other end is a highlighter for under the brow to lift.

4.All of the lipsticks/glosses are excellent! awesome staying power.

5.Foundations best drugstore choice- very nice matte finish's to more luminous like the new Photogenic airbrush finish foundation most are full coverage.


1.H.I.P bright eyeShadow duos are very nice, high pigment.

2.Vuluminous Mascara (original). Excellent mascara! impressive.

3. Telescopic liquid Liner- very easy application for anyone with a not so steady hand..liquid liner is tough to apply and this one stays well!


1.Great Lash Mascara! an old time fav for alot of mua and women! I use it for trial runs all the time! very economical and works wonderful! comes in waterproof as well.

2.*new* Falsies mascara.LOVE LOVE this..new formula..I carry the waterproof for brides :)

For ladies of Color..I really like this line! vibrant pigement..staying power is good and good products for the price!

Ok, I am not a Cover girl fan..Nor am I a fan of Rimmel London and if I have not mentioned wet and wild its for obvious reasons as well although some of these lines have great ad campaigns..the products I have tried are not worthy of noting here.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chosing The Right Shades

Hello Ladies!

This post was requested by a few of you, So Lets talk makeup!
For some of us its second nature to see an eyeshadow palette or blush ect and just know without even a test, that it would be great for your complexion,hair color or eye color.
But, For others this can be a true challenge, and some of you may of speant countless hours either at your local drug store examining boxes, exhausting your options ( no testers provided) until you leave either empty handed or with a bag full of cosmetics that end up being the wrong shade, texture ect...

So, I wanted to send some ideas your way that can help you along your makeup journey.

One option if in your budget is to hire a makeup artist, Like myself in your area to help you out with this , by visiting you at home, finding out about your likes and dislikes, your rountine ect.. A good makeup artist can make a face chart and document everything customized just for you, shades , name brands she may of used that you like and where you can find them. This typically costs anyplace from $75-$200 per lesson depending on the length of the lesson and if their is travel involved ect.

Another option is to visit your local department store cosmetic counter or Cosmetic store such as Sephora or Ulta and visit with them and have them do a complimentary make over, keep in mind, although they may be happy to have you in their chair, they usually do expect that you buy at least a few items :) I know this from back in the day. So expect to purchase a minimum of 2 or 3 products, spending at least $50 or more.

But, in my experience, the following hair/complexion/eye colors go best with these shades.

Note: The best way to chose the right foundation/base shade for yourself is by having a lesson with a personal mua or visiting the counter, Also make certain you stand in the natural light as well to see how the shade looks as dept store lighting can be very deceiving! One of the things I suggest is a winter foundation shade and a summer foundation shade.. in between you can customize and mix a little.
But a drug store is not the ideal place to find a good match, as you certainly do not have the option of testing the shade, and running it across your hand does not do the trick ladies!

Eyeshadows- we are the lucky ones! we can wear everything from cool to warm..
Plums/Mauves combos Browns/bronze tones combos or the smokey eye utilizing the greys/blks/silvers. If you happen to have an olive complexion you can even go a little brighter or bolder and use more dramtic applications.

Black eyeliner works best..deep browns for a softer look and if you are a brunnette with soft brown hair or hightlights. Navy blue looks nice as well, Plum is also a choice.

Blushes- Again.. from peaches to pinks to bronzer large variety to chose from!

Lip shades... stay youthful and stick with lighter shades such as sheer pinks/mauves/peaches/nudes with a clear gloss on top. If you line the lips with a pencil this helps the lip color stay longer and helps to avoid bleeding in some cases.

Blondes-Warm tones..but if tan or have an olive complexion you can go with some cool tones.
Depending on your eyecolor, eyeshadows that are most flattering are
the browns/bronzes/gold tones.. with another option being the mauves/pinks or carefully chosen plum family... But avoid the greys/silvers as they can tend to appear like someone punched you in the eye a few too many times...If you have a tan complexion you can try to get away with it though on a night out on the town and with a nude lip this can be very sexy.

Eyeliner can be dark brown for a softer look or black..whichever you prefer and for whatever occassion.. for daytime soft brown or dark brown may work best , depending on your eye color and just how blonde you are.

Blushes... Peaches and pinks... and ofcourse bronzers.. but avoid berry or mauve as they may be too harsh.

Lips.. again soft/sheer.. nudes,pinks,peachy tones work best.. avoid berry or red or dark colors as this is a very dated look unless its a night out on the town with a little black dress,, then by all means break out the red!

RedHeads...I personally feel like redheads look best in warm tones.

For eye shadows..
warm browns/cinnamons/bronzes/neutrals all work well.
In my opinion going with cool tones throws everything off...avoid blues/greens/pinks/mauves..as they will clash with your coloring especially if you have blue or green eyes ( light eyes)

Eyeliner..can be black if applied correctly..But dark brown is best.. avoid blue or colored eyeliner..again this clashes.

Again, if you are tan you can play around with a smokey eye for a night on the town but be mindful of making sure the lip is light or nude toned.

Blushes- bronzer ( light) and peach or warm brown blush works best.. pinks can be used but lightly..stay away from berry/red/or bright red tones.

Lips.. go warm!!!! light tan/nudes/peaches/ and you can get away with sheer pinks.

Mascara- My opinion.. black works best for everyone...Dark brown or colored mascara just doesn't flatter most women, remember these are my opinions.

Best Wishes!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to make your lips a lot more kissable and attractive

Exfoliate the dry skin on your lips daily. If you want to keep the skin on your lips smooth regular exfoliation is the key, You can do this with a clean, dry toothbrush (a new one, not the one you use for your teeth). Put on the lips a little bit of Vaseline and then gently brush your lips with the toothbrush for several seconds. Do not brush them too hard or they will be raw and sore. After that exfoliation you will feel your skin smooth and gentle.

Put on the lip balm as often as you can. Without moisturization getting smooth and kissable lips is virtually impossible.Don’t use lipstick with matte shade, because matte lipsticks tend to have more pigment but a fewer moisturizing ingredients. Don’t forget that the sun is damaging the skin on the lips – protect them with SPF 15 or higher lip balm under the lipstick. Try on a sun protecting cream too. The lips have a minimal amount of melanin and that’s why they don’t have natural defense against the sun.

Drink water. The skin on the lips is dry because you aren’t drinking enough water. Make sure to drink at least 2 l of water every day.

Put honey on your lips as often as you can. Wait to absorb and then put a lip balm. Honey contains many beneficial ingredients that will help you fight the drying of the lips.

Quit smoking. Smoking is damaging your health as well as your skin. It also speeds up the formation of vertical wrinkles around your mouth. Do not lick your lips as the saliva evaporates and pulls away the moisture and makes them dry.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear Brides To Be,Rememer your Lipstick/Gloss !

Dear Brides To Be!

Please remember to pick up Your favorite Lipstick from the makeup trial or another of your choice and don't forget about the gloss and lipliner if you are planning to use these as well, make sure you have that perfect combo that we tried at your bridal makeup trial, I always make it a point to write the shades/brands and let you know if they are available at a local dept store/cosmetic store or online.

Remember, that after the initial application on the wedding day you will be kissing the day and or night away and having beverages as well as eating your wedding meal and the cake! Who can forget the cake. In between all of this action, your photographer and videographer ( if you have hired one) Will continue to shoot!

Reminder, You may want to pick up tinted lip shades in pinks/peaches/nudes/berry shades for your bridal party so that they too will continue to look fabulous throughout the entire Wedding festivities!!!! Its easy for them to forget to pick one up!!!

So please dont let your lips get lost in the excitement! A good tip is to have your MOH or MOB or Bridesmaid help remind you or hold on to them for you!

Much Love



Friday, July 9, 2010

My fav Gowns For 2011 Brides!

Here are some of my favs for 2011 Bridal Gowns! Hard to chose with so many gorgeous gowns out...In my book these are some winners!!! Enjoy!

3 Ways To Avoid Makeup Meltdown At Summer Weddings

3 Ways To Avoid Makeup Meltdown At Summer Weddings!

One of the most popular wedding-beauty questions you guys have sent melately is: What's the best way to keep makeup from sliding right off during a steamy, outdoor summer wedding? Here are some of our best tips for helping your wedding-day makeup keep its cool.

1. Prep skin with an oil-absorbing base.

Use moisturizer only where necessary, and then smooth on a light lotion or primer designed to absorb excess moisture off your skin's surface. Two that dermatologists and makeup artists swear by: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Vichy Normaderm Pro Mat. When you blend your foundation on top, it'll stay seamless and smooth for much longer, even when you sweat. Be sure to set your makeup with powder, too; just leave your cheeks powder-free (or more lightly powdered) if you want to maintain a glowy look.

2. Layer your eye makeup.

To keep liner and shadow from migrating amidst humidity and sweat, start with an eyeshadow primer that works similarly to the foundation primers mentioned above (but formulated so as not to irritate your eyes). Then, use a clean eyeshadow brush to dust on a bit of translucent face powder before applying your eye makeup. When you're done, dust on one more layer as extra insurance, to really set the color.

3. Mist on a setting spray.

When your face is fully finished, lock the makeup in place by spritzing on a spray designed to help offset the effects of heat and humidity, like Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix or Model in a Bottle. Or my my newest fav is urban Decay " All Nighter spray"

Finally, be sure to tuck some blotting papers in your clutch so you can sop up oil and sweat during bathroom trips without wiping off your meticulously applied makeup.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LIFT !!!

I am really Excited to announce the success of a short film called LIFT that I had the pleasure of being the key makeup artist for this past fall in Arlington VA.

The film will be featured in the LA Film fest as well as the DC Film Fest!

This is very exciting news for the Author of the short film Ann Marie Allison as well as the entire cast and crew that participated!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bridal Makeup Trials/Consults... My Perspective.

Makeup trials/consults are important in the way that they help the Bride and the makeup artist sit down together and discuss the brides desires for her wedding day makeup, what she usually does as a makeup routine, or possibly she may not have one and needs solid advice. The theme of the wedding has importance along with the gown/hair style ect.... How does she imagine herself walking down the isle?

dramatic red carpet entrance? light and flowy with a glow? that california tan/beachy look? or an elegant classic style? these are all factors...

However, believe it or not I have learned through experience that you can actually go without the trial/consult if need be due to schedule conflicts or last minute booking allowing no time for a trial..or maybe the bride would prefer to spend the trial fee else where in the wedding... alot can be done by email and telephone.. photos of makeup styles and descriptions can be emailed to the makeup artist if need be along with a photo of the bride with and without makeup...

agreements can be emailed /faxed and or mailed to hold services..

Afterall, there is usually a bridal party.. and does the makeup artist have a trial with any of them? normally not... its the day of the wedding when she sees them for the first time and trys to bring what they have in mind for makeup that day to reality...

You can sense a connection of the bride from her emails.phone calls ect and she of the makeup artist.. is she attentive and a good listener and communicator?
Does she echo back your wants and desires ?

I thought this article could be helpful as alot of brides do book in advance to hold the date for summer weddings epsecially , but when trial time roles around it can be difficult to actually find the time to do it! so its not a lost cause.. there are ways to get around it if need be...

But, traditionally its a wise idea to have one if you can find the time and the funds.. that way you can see the makeup for yourself, make changes and meet your artist and see if she is all you thought she was cracked up to be ? is there a connection in person? afterall, you are trusting your face on your wedding day of all days to her.. so she needs to be the one :)

Happy wedding!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Makeup Artistry is Being Published!!!!

My Makeup Artistry is being published in the magazine American Curves! Which will be available on shelves beginning on April 27th 2010!!!!! I am so excited!

Photographer Brian Landis is just brilliant! He makes sure he captures the ultimate photographs! and Model Jessica Boughers is gorgeous and talented as well as very sweet and a pleasure to work with!!!!

to see a preview of the magazine Jessica's issue will be on shelves on April 27th. If you go to http://www.americancurvesmag.com and click on the magazine on the right for a preview !

Friday, April 9, 2010

Now Booking 2011 Brides!!!!! MD/DC/VA

Hello all of my 2011 Brides to BE! Please know I am not taking appointments for trials and bookings for 2011!!!! 2010 is almost filled up with a few Nov and Dec dates available....

I am looking foward to hearing from you and working with you!!!! If you havent been airbrushed before, well here is your chance!!!!! read one of my blog entries to find out the benefits of airbrush makeup or go to my website!!! http://www.lorinansi.com

Hugz and congrats to you all!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Spring!!!!

Wedding season is officially beginning for me this coming sat march 27th with a wedding I am really looking forward to in columbia MD!!! I hope the weather is wonderful! the bride to be is gorgeous..reminds me of J.LO. makes my job so easy lol

Here is a little sneak peek at a few wedding trends I am seeing!

One thing I have noticed is alot of brides are having bridal party members wear little blk dress's..cant go wrong with this idea..since everyone looks good in blk and its slimming and so many choices! Alot of brides are allowing bridal party members to make their own choice of style as long as its blk! What a great idea! here are a few that caught my eye!

Blue Shoes!!!

Brides need something blue...here you go!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Its Gettin Busy Around Here!

Hi Everyone!

Wow Its getting busy around here!!!! Each morning its like christmas opening up my email lol...I just love hearing from all of the Brides to Be..And i find myself wishing I could do everyone's wedding, ofcourse that is not the case...

Bridal trials have gone well with a few exceptional days where weather got in the way of all of the fun!!!! As we all know the storm of the century IN md/dc/va and then followed by A Second good sized one! We couldn't catch a break two weekends in a row!!!!! No fair lol

I am really looking forward to starting actually weddings next month and have bookings all the way up to the end of 2010 and the 2011 brides are starting to inquire..so all is well!

I am excited about the fact that i recently ordered a small book of some of my work to bring with me on trials... cant wait to see it!!! I Also plan to bring it with me to bridal events...

Last evening I attended a wonderful event the Serendipity 2010 at the valley mansion in cockeysville MD..gorgeous venue!!! and thrown my two class act vendors a MD photographer and MD event planner..Both so friendly..and talented!

I will blog all about them soon!!!! and hopefully share some photos from the event!

Until next time! Happy Wedding Planning and to my fellow Vendors keep up the great work!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ever After Visuals Wedding Photography

Shout out to Photographer Mindy Belcher Of

Ever After Visuals Wedding Photography

"Capturing Your Once Upon A Time"
Based out of Sterling, VA serving VA/DC/MD

Also visit Ever After visuals on weddingwire.com on my storefront!

I was truly amazed when I visited Photographer Mindy Belcher's Website...
I went from a wide range of emotions ..laughter..awwws..ohhhhs..to tears...It was truly a story that kept my attention..I know you will enjoy it just as much as I did!
Please visit the website!

I am looking forward to working Magic with Mindy this 2010 wedding season!

Monday, February 1, 2010

How to Hire a Makeup Artist

Makeup artists don’t just do weddings. If you want to look nice for a big event, find an expert! most of them do freelance work for a surprisingly affordable fee.

1.Shop around
2.Schedule a test run
3.Make yourself clear
4.Get the timing right

Make yourself clear. Once you’ve found someone you like, ask plenty of questions. How much does she charge? ($75 to $150 is typical, depending on where you live.) Will she bring her own makeup and brushes, or use yours? Make sure you’re entirely clear on the costs and your expectations, and speak up about anything she did during the test run that wasn’t perfect—“The eyes are heavier than I wanted” or “That lipstick washes me out”—so she has a chance to correct it.

Get the timing right. Schedule your appointment for about three hours before the event; that way, you won’t feel rushed, and the makeup will have a chance to settle. Be sure to tell her that you don’t want her to use a mix of lipstick shades, which makes touching up much more difficult. (Plan to buy the lip color from the makeup artist so you can take it with you that night—you shouldn’t need to reapply anything else.) And while a tip isn’t expected, you can always throw in an extra 10 percent if you’re really thrilled with the results.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Making the most of Photo Shoot Makeup

Model-Milanya Maria
Makeup and Hair-Lori Nansi

Ladies this past weekend i have done alot of thinking about how important it is to make sure our makeup is fabulous and suits the type of photo session we are taking part in..from corporate headshots to your wedding day... We need to pay close attention to detail, Photos have such an impact in our every day lives..careers and also in building memories for a lifetime to enjoy and share with others...

Investing in good products and brushes is very helpful but in the case that you dont know how to use the products you have invested in, your in trouble..and the brushes sit...and the makeup goes unused until you find yourself one day marking it down at your garage sale or giving away to a close friend or daughter...

Think first, If you are not a makeup person..But want to look your best in all photos that are for proffesional or personal sessions. Hire a Pro makeup artist...
Makes much more sense to sit back and allow someone with the skills and products and brushes to take over and do the job!

Some of my services inlcude but are by no means limited to

Bridal makeup
Special Events
Boudoir sessions
Modeling shoots
Actors Head shots
Corporate headshots
Sweet sixteen

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Before & After

Photographed By West End Portraits
Model-Lauren Ashley Brown
Makeup -Lori Nansi

Hello Everyone!

Here is a little something to motivate some of us who may think having a makeup artist isnt going to make a difference!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tips On Grooming the Brows

Well groomed brows are an integral part to great looking eye makeup. The hair of the brows varies from person to person. Different hair types mean different hair structure all over the body and this includes the hair of your eyebrows. Your genes would dictate how full, how sparse, how curly, how straight and how long your eyebrows would be. And this in turn would affect how you would treat with them.

Grooming your eyebrows correctly lifts your face and gives it structure. Follow these steps to beautifully framed eyes!

1. Look at your eyebrows. Don't criticise them. Just take a look. You want to emphasise their natural shape; the eyebrows you were born with in most cases already have the perfect shape. No matter your eyebrow shape, it should in accordance with the other features of your face. Use a pencil or a small ruler to help with this.

The beginning of the brow should line up with the edge of your nostril.
The highest point of the brow should be in line with your pupil.
The end of the brow should be the end of a straight line from the edge of your nostril to the outer corner of the eye to the end of the brow.
2. Using a mascara wand or lash and brow brush, comb the brows straight up. Then with a cuticle scissors, trim the excess hairs. You would know the hair is excess as it falls outside the natural shape of the brow.

3. Brush the brows out to the temples so that the hairs lie down in a natural way.

Plucking: Using a tweezers, pluck out the stray hairs underneath the brow. Hold the strand of hair firmly at the base and pluck it out quickly. It is important to pluck the hair out according to the natural growth direction.

Waxing: Heat up the wax for at least 15 minutes or until the wax runs smoothly and has no tendrils when lifted out of the pot. Adjust the temperature to the lowest setting for about 5 minutes. This is important so that the heat of the wax would not burn the delicate skin of the eyebrows. Using a small orange stick, dip it into the wax and blow on it. Apply a very small bead to the hairs you would like to remove. Spread the bead along the hairs to be removed. Press a strip of brown cotton or muslin firmly against the wax and with one swift motion, pull against the natural hair growth.

Shaving: Please put down the razor blade or run far away from the barber. Those who shave eyebrows generally shave them until there is only a thin line. The hair begins to grow back after 3 days anyway so why go through that hassle when the results don't last? With plucking and waxing, you can make appointments 2 - 4 weeks apart.

Even with the perfect shape, gaps in the brows may need to be filled in. This can be done with the appropriate colour in a powder, gel or pencil. Shades of brown and taupe are most appropriate for most brows. Please note that on no occasion for day to day wear do black brows ever work.

To fill in your brows with a brow pencil, apply in short feathery strokes that mimic hair strands. Buff out any harsh lines with a mascara wand or lash and brow comb. If you use brow gel or powder, apply with a small stiff angle brush and make short feathery strokes. Be sure to buff out harsh lines.

As a finishing touch, you can apply a clear mascara to fix the eyebrows and keep the hairs in place.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pre Marital Counseling. Why Its Important!

Erin Morey, LMFT, LLC


I am a licensed marriage and family therapist through the state of Virginia and the District of Columbia. I hold a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and have completed Doctorate-level coursework in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), and a member of both the Middle Atlantic Division of the AAMFT and the Virginia Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Further, I am a Certified Prepare/Enrich Counselor, a program designed with an assessment to help couples prepare for marriage and/or improve their relationships. I also volunteer as a Provider for Give an Hour, a non-profit organization providing free mental health services to U.S. troops and their families.


I have provided family systems therapy to individuals, couples, and families for five years. I specialize in premarital and newly married couples however, for the past two years, my practice has focused largely on working with couples to enrich their relationships at all stages. My experience includes assisting couples to improve their communication skills, problem solving skills, conflict-resolution, emotional reactivity, trust following infidelity or substance abuse, stress management, intimacy, and emotional connectedness.

I have also conducted individual and group therapeutic services with students and their families in three local high schools in Virginia. My experience with therapeutic services cover a variety of clinical problems such as trauma, anxiety, individual psychological problems, relationship problems, behavior problems, school truancy, substance abuse, job readiness, and child-parent problems, just to name a few. I worked with limited closeness to school staff such as guidance counselors, teachers, security, school nurse, and administrators to effectively assist students while at the same time strongly upholding their rights to confidential services.

In the past, I have worked as a family counselor, for Youth Villages, a non-profit agency providing home-based therapy to adolescents and their families in Washington, DC. I used systemic models of therapy to include empirically-based Multisystemic Therapy (MST) to provide intensive home-based services. I developed and implemented interventions to focus on the family, child, school, community, and peer groups. I worked to creatively combine structural and strategic models of treatment with the MST model to adequately provide interventions which are more parent-focused bringing change throughout the family, school, community, and peers. I worked hard to assist at-risk youth who presented with concerns such as trauma, teen pregnancy, runaway behaviors, drug abuse, crime, violence, illegal behaviors, truancy, parent-adolescent conflict, psychological disorders such as depression, Bipolar disorder, suidical ideation, parental separation and divorce, stepfamily issues, legal involvement, and out-of-home placements. I worked collaboratively with all community service providers involved with the client to work in the best interest of each child and family.

Before this very challenging work, I held two internships in Connecticut working as a marriage and family therapist intern.

Education and Training

I hold a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fairfield University in Connecticut. I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a double major in Communication and Media Studies from Fordham University in New York. Following my master education, I completed three Doctoral courses, “Families in Crisis”, “Play Therapy and Family Therapy with Children”, and “Family Therapy and Psychopathology” from Northcentral University.

I have completed trainings in Multisystemic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing, which have added to the training I had already received in my bachelors and masters education. I have trained and become certified as a Prepare/Enrich Counselor to fully meet the needs of couples and families in today’s society. Further, I have been trained to administer, score, and clinically interpret the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI), which allows me to determine the next level and type of care necessary to adequately treat or support a client (adolescent or adult) who presents with a substance use problem, substance abuse problem, or a substance dependence problem. Other trainings include, but are not limited to, learning and implementing alternative parenting strategies to physical discipline, and treating clients presenting with intellectual disabilities. I continually attend trainings as I believe in the importance of completing trainings regularly to stay knowledgeable and effective in the ever-changing field of therapy.

Approaches to Counseling-
I believe in the importance of approaching treatment with you uniquely as you and your specific situation is unique.
I work to not align with one person, rather I focus on the system (i.e. family, couple) to assess where the patterns are going wrong, how the problems are being maintained in that system, and where the patterns can be interrupted or altered for positive changes.
I work hard to assist in the repairing and reconnecting that may save your relationship.
I work realistically and respect your perspectives. If repair and reconnecting is found to not be possible, I will work with you through the appropriate next steps for all involved.

Contact Erin-Email: erin@erinmorey.com
Phone: 240.565.5264


1313 Vincent Place

McLean, Virginia 22101

I want to share this very important information to newly engaged couples and newlyweds and ofcourse all others.Since I work in the Wedding Business, my desire is that everyone gets off to a wonderful 2010! I hope you all enjoy the following Information.
P.S. Erin Morey is truly Wonderful! You have my word.