Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear Brides To Be,Rememer your Lipstick/Gloss !

Dear Brides To Be!

Please remember to pick up Your favorite Lipstick from the makeup trial or another of your choice and don't forget about the gloss and lipliner if you are planning to use these as well, make sure you have that perfect combo that we tried at your bridal makeup trial, I always make it a point to write the shades/brands and let you know if they are available at a local dept store/cosmetic store or online.

Remember, that after the initial application on the wedding day you will be kissing the day and or night away and having beverages as well as eating your wedding meal and the cake! Who can forget the cake. In between all of this action, your photographer and videographer ( if you have hired one) Will continue to shoot!

Reminder, You may want to pick up tinted lip shades in pinks/peaches/nudes/berry shades for your bridal party so that they too will continue to look fabulous throughout the entire Wedding festivities!!!! Its easy for them to forget to pick one up!!!

So please dont let your lips get lost in the excitement! A good tip is to have your MOH or MOB or Bridesmaid help remind you or hold on to them for you!

Much Love



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