Monday, November 29, 2010

Gorgeous Holliday Makeup

I was inspired by this photograph and the perfectness of the makeup application.Yes the face is gorgeous to begin with ...but Mario did a beautiful job in chosing the colors/contouring ect... I think its actually the perfect look for one of those Holliday parties that you just simply want to "wow them"! I also think this could be a very gorgeous look for a winter bride, example NYE wedding. Especially the silver accents against the white give that winter wonderland/Holliday look.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


What a difference a set of falsies can make! When I say falsies , I am referring to false lashes!

They are a dream come true for those of us who are not blessed with long luscious lashes, and a way to turn up the volume for some of us who need more volume or curl. As a bridal makeup artist, I have seen brides and their bridal parties transform after falsies are applied.

I personally prefer the strip lashes opposed to the individuals, but offer both.

One of the most important parts of a good set of falsies , is ofcourse the application of them.

Not every client of mine has been able to withstand the eyelash application proccess , due to eye sensitivity, nerves , contacts or the idea of having a lash in their line of vision makes them feel uneasy. So this is not ideal for everyone. But worth a try!

This requires a steady hand on the makeup artist's part and  the right type of adhesive, something waterproof and a surgical type of adhesive that is safe and not painful when going to remove lashes. Last but not least. the ever so patient bride or client who can remain still and hold her eyelids in place for a good 10 min to let the lashes set properly..otherwise drum roll....  Because if not...
Lifting may occur or a shifting of the lashes to the wrong area , causing glue to stick in places on the eyelid  ect. The proccess of removing excess glue or resetting a lash can take more time and every makeup artist can agree that occassionaly you come across a lash that is truly a "lemon" and requires a replacement.

The impact lashes have in photographs is tremendous especially for those profile shots. Very glam and for aging women, takes 10 years off, a much more youthful look.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pin Up Makeup

Pin-up Girl Make-up Tips

Pin-up fashion is a classic vintage fashion style which exudes femininity and style. Since vintage styles have been making a huge comeback ! Alot of brides are taking this look or a slightly milder verison to the alter.
It makes for breathtaking photographs and  gives a very timeless look.

Note, one thing you need to know is that the lip color usually is a shade of red, be it bright or darker..sometimes a pink works as well.. these colors require touch ups throughout the entire wedding and or event, so make sure you have your lip shade.. a good prep tip to clean up any discoloration from your lip so you have a clean palette, conceal your lip well, use a good liner that is very close to the same shade as the lipstick. Blot with a bit of translucent powder around the edges of the lip to help prevent bleeding,,
In my mua opinion, avoid applying a gloss and keep it matte! This will also give that old fashioned look and help keep the lip color on longer.