Friday, July 22, 2011

My Favorite Things Of Summer

My fav style of summer dress the "Maxi" you can find these at TJ Maxx,Marshalls/Ross Dress for less among other places at affordable prices!

So relaxing, comfy and stylish!
REPORT 'Hartley' Sandal can be found at

Love this hat! Sweet looking but still sexy!

Ippolita 'Jet Set' Rosé Hammered Earrings  .find these at

Nothing like a fresh White Summer Bag! This one is a Jessica Simpson Bag

Narciso Rodriguez 'For Her' Anniversary Set (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($73 Value)

Laura Mercier Lip Stain-Shade-"Mulberry"

Mally Beauty Believable Bronzer

Skin Warming Powder Trio, Glowing Golden Bronze 0.4 oz (11.4 g)

Fav summer time treat! Watermelon is my fav! You can find these at Giant Grocery store..yummy

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Little Change Of Pace

Last weekend I had a little change of pace, from time to time I collaborate with local photographers/models and designers. Last weeks collab took place in DC with Photographer Magnetic Images  ... Dwayne is a class act! and oh so talented!
Model  Amanda Crawford, who is such a sweetheart and i totally expect to see great things from her in the modeling world!  And last but not least Designer Tim who is so talented! incredibly fun to work with and trust me when I say, his designs are the kind that any woman would love to wear! I am still thinking of one of his pieces, and so would of taken it home!  Infact its right here in this photo!  And then there is the Makeup... I love this style, I must admit..its clean/sultry/sexy and I used all earth tones with a bit of bronze.. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Year's Eve Wedding 2010/2011

About this time every year I start looking forward to winter again, I know, sounds crazy, but there is something so magical about a winter wedding, the hollidays adding to the anticipation, the thought of snow fall. so romantic!!!!!! These are a few photos courtesy Of Renee Cobb Photograph of Judy's NYE wedding in China Town, DC. She was a lovely bride to work with, beautiful and relaxed..and as you can see a natural beauty!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5 Tips To Maximize Your Bridal Makeup Artist

Hello Brides to be!

I wanted to give you 5 ways to maximize your bridal makeup artist... Hope this helps!

1. Schdule your makeup trial the same day as a special event! maybe you are a guest in a wedding that day, or have a night out on the town planned, or maybe an egagement session? This way you are able to meet with your makeup artist, have your consult for the big day and you can always have her tone down your makeup,  or better yet, switch up your lip color , or fool everyone and add something you wont have at the wedding. ect so its not your exact bridal makeup. Note- not all makeup artists like makeup trials to be the same time as an engagement session, so find someone felxible.

2. Make sure that you have adequete space for your makeup artist to set up, be it your hotel room, home or venue.. an artist needs their working space, good lighting, natural lighting works best or I personally love working in natural light but having access to artifical lighting so I know what your makeup will look like in the evening in reception lighting. without these 2 important things, you wont get your maximum results... your artist will struggle to work and wont be able to color match properly.

3. relax and enjoy and stay off of your cell phone! :) this may likely be the only time in your life you actually hire a makeup artist, so try hard not to let distractions like cell phones, and visitors get in the way of enjoying this fun and relaxing hour.. not to mention turning your head, talking ect..makes it very hard for an artist to work on your face, especially with eye makeup! remember get the most out of your artist~

4.Bring along your inspiration photo, it may of been 6 months since you saw your makeup artist and she hasnt seen your inspiration photo since then, or maybe you are tanner? changed ur mind on your look? so its very helpful to bring one along! bridal party members can as well, its a time saver and a visual is always helpful!

5. Even though its your big day and the makeup artist is there working for you, you wouldnt want him or her feeling thirsty would you? make sure to at least have bottled water on hand..alot of artist's appreciate this more than you know and it helps them to feel good and work at their maximum potential.

Hope these tips helped!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th Of July!

Photography courtesy Of Tinywater Photography 
 and Style Me Pretty The Ultimate Wedding Blog

July 4th 2010 Bride Erin and Her Groom Ben Photographed By EyeWonder Photography