Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Little Change Of Pace

Last weekend I had a little change of pace, from time to time I collaborate with local photographers/models and designers. Last weeks collab took place in DC with Photographer Magnetic Images  ... Dwayne is a class act! and oh so talented!
Model  Amanda Crawford, who is such a sweetheart and i totally expect to see great things from her in the modeling world!  And last but not least Designer Tim who is so talented! incredibly fun to work with and trust me when I say, his designs are the kind that any woman would love to wear! I am still thinking of one of his pieces, and so would of taken it home!  Infact its right here in this photo!  And then there is the Makeup... I love this style, I must admit..its clean/sultry/sexy and I used all earth tones with a bit of bronze.. Enjoy!

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