Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tips On Grooming the Brows

Well groomed brows are an integral part to great looking eye makeup. The hair of the brows varies from person to person. Different hair types mean different hair structure all over the body and this includes the hair of your eyebrows. Your genes would dictate how full, how sparse, how curly, how straight and how long your eyebrows would be. And this in turn would affect how you would treat with them.

Grooming your eyebrows correctly lifts your face and gives it structure. Follow these steps to beautifully framed eyes!

1. Look at your eyebrows. Don't criticise them. Just take a look. You want to emphasise their natural shape; the eyebrows you were born with in most cases already have the perfect shape. No matter your eyebrow shape, it should in accordance with the other features of your face. Use a pencil or a small ruler to help with this.

The beginning of the brow should line up with the edge of your nostril.
The highest point of the brow should be in line with your pupil.
The end of the brow should be the end of a straight line from the edge of your nostril to the outer corner of the eye to the end of the brow.
2. Using a mascara wand or lash and brow brush, comb the brows straight up. Then with a cuticle scissors, trim the excess hairs. You would know the hair is excess as it falls outside the natural shape of the brow.

3. Brush the brows out to the temples so that the hairs lie down in a natural way.

Plucking: Using a tweezers, pluck out the stray hairs underneath the brow. Hold the strand of hair firmly at the base and pluck it out quickly. It is important to pluck the hair out according to the natural growth direction.

Waxing: Heat up the wax for at least 15 minutes or until the wax runs smoothly and has no tendrils when lifted out of the pot. Adjust the temperature to the lowest setting for about 5 minutes. This is important so that the heat of the wax would not burn the delicate skin of the eyebrows. Using a small orange stick, dip it into the wax and blow on it. Apply a very small bead to the hairs you would like to remove. Spread the bead along the hairs to be removed. Press a strip of brown cotton or muslin firmly against the wax and with one swift motion, pull against the natural hair growth.

Shaving: Please put down the razor blade or run far away from the barber. Those who shave eyebrows generally shave them until there is only a thin line. The hair begins to grow back after 3 days anyway so why go through that hassle when the results don't last? With plucking and waxing, you can make appointments 2 - 4 weeks apart.

Even with the perfect shape, gaps in the brows may need to be filled in. This can be done with the appropriate colour in a powder, gel or pencil. Shades of brown and taupe are most appropriate for most brows. Please note that on no occasion for day to day wear do black brows ever work.

To fill in your brows with a brow pencil, apply in short feathery strokes that mimic hair strands. Buff out any harsh lines with a mascara wand or lash and brow comb. If you use brow gel or powder, apply with a small stiff angle brush and make short feathery strokes. Be sure to buff out harsh lines.

As a finishing touch, you can apply a clear mascara to fix the eyebrows and keep the hairs in place.

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