Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bridal Makeup Trials/Consults... My Perspective.

Makeup trials/consults are important in the way that they help the Bride and the makeup artist sit down together and discuss the brides desires for her wedding day makeup, what she usually does as a makeup routine, or possibly she may not have one and needs solid advice. The theme of the wedding has importance along with the gown/hair style ect.... How does she imagine herself walking down the isle?

dramatic red carpet entrance? light and flowy with a glow? that california tan/beachy look? or an elegant classic style? these are all factors...

However, believe it or not I have learned through experience that you can actually go without the trial/consult if need be due to schedule conflicts or last minute booking allowing no time for a trial..or maybe the bride would prefer to spend the trial fee else where in the wedding... alot can be done by email and telephone.. photos of makeup styles and descriptions can be emailed to the makeup artist if need be along with a photo of the bride with and without makeup...

agreements can be emailed /faxed and or mailed to hold services..

Afterall, there is usually a bridal party.. and does the makeup artist have a trial with any of them? normally not... its the day of the wedding when she sees them for the first time and trys to bring what they have in mind for makeup that day to reality...

You can sense a connection of the bride from her emails.phone calls ect and she of the makeup artist.. is she attentive and a good listener and communicator?
Does she echo back your wants and desires ?

I thought this article could be helpful as alot of brides do book in advance to hold the date for summer weddings epsecially , but when trial time roles around it can be difficult to actually find the time to do it! so its not a lost cause.. there are ways to get around it if need be...

But, traditionally its a wise idea to have one if you can find the time and the funds.. that way you can see the makeup for yourself, make changes and meet your artist and see if she is all you thought she was cracked up to be ? is there a connection in person? afterall, you are trusting your face on your wedding day of all days to her.. so she needs to be the one :)

Happy wedding!


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