Monday, February 1, 2010

How to Hire a Makeup Artist

Makeup artists don’t just do weddings. If you want to look nice for a big event, find an expert! most of them do freelance work for a surprisingly affordable fee.

1.Shop around
2.Schedule a test run
3.Make yourself clear
4.Get the timing right

Make yourself clear. Once you’ve found someone you like, ask plenty of questions. How much does she charge? ($75 to $150 is typical, depending on where you live.) Will she bring her own makeup and brushes, or use yours? Make sure you’re entirely clear on the costs and your expectations, and speak up about anything she did during the test run that wasn’t perfect—“The eyes are heavier than I wanted” or “That lipstick washes me out”—so she has a chance to correct it.

Get the timing right. Schedule your appointment for about three hours before the event; that way, you won’t feel rushed, and the makeup will have a chance to settle. Be sure to tell her that you don’t want her to use a mix of lipstick shades, which makes touching up much more difficult. (Plan to buy the lip color from the makeup artist so you can take it with you that night—you shouldn’t need to reapply anything else.) And while a tip isn’t expected, you can always throw in an extra 10 percent if you’re really thrilled with the results.

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