Friday, December 3, 2010

The Groom's Influence On The Bridal Makeup

                                            Photo Courtesy of Abby Jiu

Have you ever noticed how many times you were getting ready for a night out on the town, or just for a simple lunch and shopping with your main squeeze, to step out into your living room, waiting for the ooohhs and ahhhhhs just to get dissapointed with a response like, "I like you best without makeup". "Why the bright lipstick?"  "Are those your lashes?"

Have no fear! You are not alone! Its true that most men really do love a more natural approach to makeup and honestly even hair styles. In doing plenty of research and just living through this myself as a makeup artist, Most brides I meet with def have a concern that the groom will be dissapointed if she has too much makeup on, or doesnt look like what he is used to.

I respect this... Whats important to know is this. As the big day planning continues and you write out those checks to vendors, one of the larger checks will more than likely be to your fabulous photographer, whos work you so admire and are counting on to capture all of the important moments... the walk down the aisle, the kiss, the natural light photos to the dim lighted reception.. You get the picture! :)

If you do indeed want to actually feel comfortable staring at that  wedding portrait on the wall without feeling oh so dissapointed that you are washed out... look like you have no makeup at all on... or just look dull, your dress may be divine.. the flowers colorful.. the hair style could be a fancy updo... But, please remember your makeup must rise up to the occassion!!!!! You cannot justify wearing your friday night out to the movie makeup.. which probably consists of mineral powder makeup, a little mascara and your fav lipgloss and a touch of bronzer. Come on.. I know your smiling now :)

But, the truth about that makeup is this. that mineral makeup you love so much that takes all of 5 min to apply, will make you look like a disco ball with the flash..due to all of the crystals.minerals that reflect.
The gloss, even tho its your fav, may not show up since its maybe a nude shade :) Am I right?
Thr bronzer gives a bit of warmth, but with no blush on the apples, its just not enough in a white gown.
The mascara does not give your lashes that curl, that length and thickness that really makes you eyes pop only the way you dreamed.

Let your honey chose your next new car.. or name your first born.. But please ladies.. Just because he loves you with your natural look, doesnt mean sacraficing your wedding photographs.videos. ect.
Be kind to yourself, and trust me ,,he will see how it all comes together on your wedding day! he won't complain one bit!

Its your one day to shine! The most photographed day of your life!

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