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How To Maximize Your Bridal Makeup Artist and More

Eyes By Lori Of Le Mariee' Makeup

So , Thank you for stopping by! Lets chat about how to maximize your makeup artist on the big day! I think I am def right on target with this advice, And  since I happen to work on location with bride every weekend, I feel qualified for the job :)

1.Make sure you have plenty of counter space or table space! Do your homework ahead of time, scout out what your hotel or venue, will actually have in your room way ahead of time, if your having hair and makeup, this means you need double the outlets and 2 to 3 tables...Now if you have been to my studio for a trial run, you will have noticed, I have alot of makeup! And I  pack up alot of makeup when I come to you the day of. If your having makeup at your home, you have plenty of time to figure out which tables and counter space will work best for everyone, afterall you know where your outlets are and mirrors ect. the best lighting.. places in you home with the best tables or counter space. Imagine the look on your makeup artist's face when you welcome them into the spot you picked out just for makeup! Your on the fast track to setting the tone for some awesome artistry, and thats what you want!

2.Chairs!  Most of the time you will need a couple of regular chairs for the hair folks and one nice size bar stool, or tall chair so your makeup artist can you see your face at eye to eye level., also if your makeup artist has to bend down during makeup services, she will wear out very fast! And you dont want that do you? maybe due to back issues or ect she may feel like she has to rush or take a break or two . Make sure your comfortable with a cushy seat and a back on the chair as well. Again request your hotel or venue have a tall chair for you, or if you have a wedding planner DOC they would help with this. difficult for the makeup artist to pack a rather large makeup case and a chair..I know some do it..for me it depends on where we are doing makeup, if we are at your home and I am literally in your drive way, I can go back and get mine..but if I am parking far out in a hotel lot or valet hands are full..and the chair wont wait down at valet for a second trip.

3. Lighting!  Make sure you have both good natural light (mother nature permitting) and artifical light as well, for maximum color matching/shading/detail work and all of that fun stuff. If your having makeup in the dark it can be bad news. seeing it in both natural light and artificial is wise since the majority of weddings are in the daytime and reception is evening/artificial lighting. wrong lighting can mean either too much color or not enough..very important!

4.Water Please!  Ladies dont let your makeup artist  or hair stylist dry up and shrivel on you ! She may be with you anywhere from 2 to 4 hours..Common courtesy to offer a bottle of water, before she has to ask. :) fortunatley most Brides and bridal parties are quick to offer the minute you walk in the door but sadly enough there are some who are so busy or it slips there minds..kindly remember to water to artist's ! :)

Room Temp. with all of the bodies .excitment..and  not to mention possible hair dryers irons ect can make for a hot room! Not good!  sometimes a small hotel room came become very hot even in winter... having a spacious getting ready area benefits you as staying at room temp will allow your hair and makeup to last much longer and your makeup and hair folks will work much better in a cooler room. not to mention you wont have everyone bumping into eachother left and right..sometimes bridal party members who arent even getting hair and makeup are there just to join in the fun, but it can get very and I mean very crowded..if your artist bumps into someone every time she turns around or there is too much going , not only may you feel nervous or will the artist and not perform as well as usual. Just sayin...

5.Payment.  Confirm the wedidng day balance witht he makeup artist ahead of time, if she hasnt already sent and email out confirming the final count for makeup, start and end time , location as well as balance..better ask! Have the final payment in an envelope ready to go, so you dont have to hurry around gathering money while your trying to get ready and relax. If your collecting from bridal party members, you can even do this the evening before after the rehersal dinner.

6.Gratuity. Please remember that gratuities are usually not included in pricing and Greatly appreciated as a mobile salon is all that much better than your usual salon, this is your big day, and you didnt have to step foot out into the weather, traffic and chaos. And especially if you Loved the final look and service :)  Also consider you may need to utilize the services of these artists again, for a special event or you may even have a friend  or family contact them for their wedding,  they may be more flexible with newer pricing aka increases with these referrals or throw in extras like touch up lip shades or false lashes for mom ect.

7.Finally, you are the one who reaps the rewards of following these steps more than you know!
Your artist will feel refreshed and ready to go with a workable area, good lighting, water :) comfortable room temp..Your sure to get maximum results for yourself and your bridal party!

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