Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Choosing A Makeup Style For The Wedding Day

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Listen, I know choosing a makeup style can be very frustrating for some Brides out there... Its so much fun in the start, flipping through magazines, online photos, pinterest, or watching red carpet events such as award shows, spying to see what your fav celebs are doing with their makeup...

But, once you start shopping for a makeup artist, it gets serious, there are $$$$ involved and you really dont want to waste your time, money and energy traveling about to sit down for 1 or 1 hours..all to do it over again a few weeks later.

Here are some tips I personally think may help you along in this journey... and the same could apply for hair as well :)

1. Know yourself!!!! Ask yourself,, do I want to look like a better version of myself? Or do i want to try to really go with a dramatic look or vintage style? How comfy will I be with big false lashes like the photo i think looks so pretty in Vouge.? Will I feel self conscious wearing much more makeup than I would normally wear on a night on the town? What is my groom used to seeing me in? Whats more important to me, how i look in person? or in photos? ( 99 percent of you say BOTH!!)

2. Once you "know yourself" you will make much better use of your makeup trial, you will be able to give better information to your makeup artist about the look your going for and guidance that makes sense.. if you lead her or him in the wrong direction, expect to me dissapointed, we are NOT mind readers. Photos of makeup that are true to what you want help greatly. A photo of a super dramatic look with a red lip will more than likely be duplicated on you if thats what your giving your artist to work with!

3.The look you chose in a photo may not transfer onto you the way you hoped or dreamed it would.. but hey dont get frustrated! dont give up!  ask for the look to be altered/adjusted.. most artists are very versitle and good listeners.. they will give you what you want if your able to communicate your wants and needs well.

4. So you didnt clique? Hey it happens.. that uncomfy feeling youg get during or after a date gone wrong... you wont be the first and you wont be the last.. so move on to the next artist, not only will you feel will the artist. You wouldnt want this type of match on your wedding day, right?

5. Once you do find an artist that you really clique with, that is able to give you the look you want from the start or is able to with minor adjustments... get excited!!! You found the right look, the right artist! let the fun begin!!!! And truth be told you may change your lip color a few times before the big day arrives.. or maybe you will down size or up size the lashes, no worries.. make sure your happy with your look!

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