Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Should The Groom See Your Pre-Bridal aka Makeup Trial Look?

Lets Have a little chat Ladies :) It has come to my attention once again that Some Brides are allowing the grooms to be to have a sneak preview of their makeup trial aka Bridal makeup look or even hair trial/bridal hair. For some of you, it may bring peace of mind? reassurance? approval perhaps?
For some of you it can be a real let down of sorts..Can confuse the look you had planned on. make you question your taste. Or just plain burst your Bubble.
I do understand trust me :) Back in the olden days (smile) actually a few years back, when I was traveling out to brides for trials, it was not uncommon to see the groom hanging around, catching some sports or having dinner while catching up on a book ect...
The Bride would just love love her final makeup look, proudly walk into the other room with almost a skip..all to hear the dreaded words.. Are those fake lashes? With a tilt of the head. Or perhaps silence.. awkard silence. There was the occassional, isnt that lipstick kinda bright? Or wow I am not used to seeing you with makeup, you look so..uhhhmmm different :)

Here is the deal ladies.Your Bridal gown is no doubt a secret, yes? Why would you show off your hair or makeup style? keep that top secret as well! besides the reasons above, let me name a few more.

1.He is seeing your bridal makeup without your Gown on/hair style/jewels/flowers/among other details.. this can really confuse as you may be in your jeans and white t shirt. Ofcourse the makeup is going to look like its too much and out of place. why? because it is! lol
Once everything comes together, you will look nothing short of a beautiful romantic bride, right off the pages of an Estee Lauder perfume commercial. Trust me! have seen this a million times over!

2.Doesn't He like you most with a pony tail,clean face and yoga pants? So this can be a bit of a shock. And lets face it, your priority is too look beautiful and not washed out in 600 plus pics that will be coming your way shortly after your wedding. It may be something that never even cross's his mind.

So think of this as a top secret piece of your wedding, save it for the big day! You will be sooooo glad you did!

Photo Courtesy Of  Ricky Chung Photography
Hair Style Courtesy Of Kristen Foster Hair Artistry
Makeup Artist-Lori Of Le Mariee' Makeup


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