Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Le Mariee' knows Boudoir Makeup!

Photo courtesy Of Photographer Brian Landis
Model-Jessica Boughers
Makeup/hair By Lori Nansi or Le Mariee'

Dear Brides,
Looking for the perfect gift to present to your groom? How about something that will really wow him and feeling ever so lucky as he watches you walk down the aisle!? The answer...Boudoir Photos!
Le Mariee knows Boudoir Makeup all too well.. the above photo was featured in a 9 page pictorial in national magazine "American Curves" April 29th 2009 issue featuring local model Jessica Boughers.
A boudoir session does not mean getting naked! it can also mean wearing his fav football jersey or one of your fav shirts from his closet.. sometimes just sheets will do. smile:)

If this is something your interested in..and come on! ofcourse you are! then contact us for more details..we know Boudoir Makeup and we know some real pros who can provide the photography!And I might add..not a bad idea for a 1st anniversary gift as well!

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