Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Airbrush-A Silent Revolution

A silent revolution is brewing in the world of makeup. Up until now not many people knew about this, and those who did know were mostly celebrities who show up with a flawless, camera-ready complexion. Everyone can use this revolutionary air brush make up now, not just celebrities.

The secret behind a flawless, seamless makeup coverage of a celebrity is air brush make up. Its similar to Photoshop except that it comes in a bottle. While this cutting edge makeup is great to wear when you attend the Oscars, It is light enough to be worn daily and long lasting.

Air brush make up for home use comes with an air compressor, applicator, and liquid drop-in foundation or a foundation pod that fits into the applicator. Drop-in liquid foundations are great for adjusting colour according to your need, like when you get a tan after a weekend away, all you will need is a few drops of darker foundation with your regular one.

You can have seamless coverage and perfect finish with the look of light makeup when you use air brush make up. You will no longer look like you are wearing a mask! It is also far more hygienic, as the only thing to touch your skin is air and makeup, no brushes or fingers or sponges, and none of the messiness that comes with traditional foundation applications.

It can also be used for cosmetic-coverage of problems such as scarring, birth marks, tattoos, rosacea, for covering up bruising after cosmetic surgery and more. Seamless layering of the makeup ensures that you can apply it as a thick or thin layer, according to your requirement, without looking like caked makeup

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